Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heroes Without Homes

Heroes Without Homes is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to finding housing and food for those undrafted Heroes in need. This situation was brought to our attention in the middle of last season when rumors about "Unwanteds" started to circulate throughout the locker room. There were horror stories about people living on the streets with little to no food to eat. Other stories involving people just wondering around town, space, the desert with nothing but the spandex on their back.
After a couple of week's of hearing these stories, we decided to go find out for ourselves.

What we found was startling and sad. There were hundreds upon hundreds of Humans, animals, mythological creatures everywhere we went. We couldn't believe that such a plight like this was being completely ignored by the league that helped bring them into being in the first place. We decided to put a coalition together that included Hannah, Shawn Ferrell, Angel, Judah Ben Hur, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and myself. We wanted to find away to put a stop to such an easily fixable problem.

From these late night meetings the "Heroes Without Homes" was born. "Heroes Without Homes" is going to give these supposedly "Unwanted" people food, clothes and a place to live. We will be be holding our first official fundraising event this Saturday, February 28, 2009 at Merri Bowl lanes. Hannah will be there herself and is hoping that everyone who can make it will be there.

For details just give me or anyone of us on the Commandos and call and we can tell you all about it.

We are also hoping that people from other teams will share their stories of what is going on out there. If anyone else has personally witnessed anything or if you yourself have been affected by this, please feel free to write in and tell us your story.
Just remember, you don't have to be super, to be a hero. Thank you all and I hope you can make it this weekend.

God bless,

President Barack Obama